Welcome to CZDOGE

A real community token, with doge rewards and lots of utilities ready to launch in Doge Metasystem! Grab your $CZD NFT to become tax free Forever!

About collection

1000 $CZD NFT’s are ready to mint!

Our first collection of 1000 $CZD NFT’s comes with a different rarity levels. These NFT’s can be be staked via our NFT staking platform to earn $CZD tokens. Moreover NFT holders will play important role in developing our ecosystem as a part of stakeholders.

And most importantly, users holding more than 5 $CZD NFT’s will be tax free forever in every buying and selling of our token. This means they can buy-sell $CZD tokens at 0% tax!

The minting price of each $CZD NFT is 0.05 BNB and only 1000 NFT’s available to mint. Click on the below mint button to get one CZDOGE NFT at very low price!

CZDOGE Launchpad

An Incubator & Launchapd for Low Cap Projects

CZDOGE Launchpad will be an incubator & launchpad for low cap projects and creative meme based ideas. Only the vetted project through us can use our launchpad. CZDOGE team will not only provide them the launchpad, but also work extensively in marketing their project among investors community and building partnerships.

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Why just HODL when you can stake and earn even more? CZDOGE upgraded the idea of HODL and added Yield Farms systems where you can stake and earn more than ever.

other utilities

  • CZDOGE SWAP : Decentralized exchange that features custom functionality and allows holders to trade among themselves and without any centralized point of failure any BEP20 token for another.
  • CZDOGE GALLERY : NFT Marketplace where users can stake $CZD in exchange for NFT rewards created by artists from community contests. The artists are awarded prizes out of the $CZD staking pool.
  • CZDOGE BANK : Doge Reward tracker where users can track their rewards and rewards out of $CZD DOge reflection and usage, current token valuations, wallet balance, and more.


  • Token name: CZDOGE
  • Ticker Symbol: CZ
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  • Total Supply: 100 million (100,000,000)
  • Total fees: 6%

Fees Distribuition:

Marketing: 4%

Doge Reward : 2%

Token Distribution

Advisory & Marketing
NFT Staking
CEX Listings
Pinksale fees
Initial Burn


Stage 1
  • Website and Community Building
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing
  • NFT Minting and Token Staking Platform Live
  • BSCScan Verification
  • NFT Staking Live
Stage 2
  • Blockchain Creation
  • CZDOGE TestNet Launch
  • Listing on CEXs
  • Celebrity Partnership
  • Paid Marketing & Media Campaign
Stage 3
  • V2 Whitepaper Release
  • Delegation(DAO)
  • Website 2.0 Release
  • Further Exchange Listing
  • Certik Audit
  • First Tesla Massive Giveaway
  • Free Development Tools
  • Multi Blockchain Yield Farming
  • CZDOGE MainNet Launch
Stage 4
  • Expanding CZDOGE Ecosystem
  • Further Exchange Listing
  • CZD Wallet Launch
  • Multichain Trading and Staking
  • Sponsorship and Partnership Worldwide